Friday 12 November 2010

Australian Broadcasting Media (ABM) is currently offering artists an opportunity to get themselves and their music some commercial radio airplay on our FM Radio Stations as well as our Internet/ Iphone & Nokia apps with our Paid Ad Campaign.
ABM now have 32 FM Radio Stations throughout NSW & VIC, we also have 28 Internet Radio Stations + Iphone & Nokia Radio Station apps covering genres from country, indie, pop and dance.
The Paid Ad Campaign offers great value; $550 ($500+gst)  would get a single/release played 300 times over 1 month, i.e.10 times a day for 30 days.

Example :- the bands/musicians/artists song would be introduced as a paid ad, at around the middle of the track the band/musician/artist would be faded in to give the listeners a little info about themselves, their website etc and where the track can be purchased before being faded out for the completion of the song

We will be offering the Paid Ad Campaign over 15 of our 30 FM Radio Stations and 20 of our internet Radio Stations as well as 1 smart phone app Radio Stations (our stations play different genres of music so we would have to pick the right stations to match the genre hence the fact that your music will not be played on all 32 FM/28 Internet Radio Stations) which will match the music genre of our Radio Station Network.
To summarize a Paid Ad Campaign song will be played 10 times a day over 15 FM Radio Stations = 150, plus 20 Internet Radio Stations = 200, plus 1 smart phone apps = 10 which = 360 times per day over 30 days = GRAND TOTAL OF 10,800 plays in 1 month

We feel this is tremendous coverage  and will be off great value to your members, we also have the same great ad rates for up and coming events/artists. Please email  for more info or call Andy on 0405900486.

Full Name: andy

Thursday 29 July 2010

A warm invitation to attend the concerts below with this wonderful British String Quartet.

Saturday 24 July 2010

Simply Wilde

Welcome to my new blog.. gee what am I going to write.. well I guess I am writing.